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Community Fruit Harvests

Reduce food waste, save bears, and feed community by listing a tree or helping to harvest fruit!

What is Gleaning?

Fight food waste, help feed your neighbors 

Fruit trees, galore! Our region is full of them, and often times these trees produce way more fruit than a tree-owner can handle. The Good Food Collective coordinates ways our community can share the bounty!

"Gleaning" is a process where excess foods are gathered and connected with those who need and want them! Folks who have trees can list their tree on our Fruit Tree Registry. From there, fruit-seeking people can see what trees are available, and reach out to ask if they can come harvest some. Excess fruit can then go to folks who want it instead of just falling and rotting, or creating too much work for tree-owners. 

Why list my tree for harvest? 

Reduce food waste, save bears and feed community by listing your tree with Good Food Collective. You can get some help harvesting and turn your backyard bounty into a force for good!

When you list your fruit trees on our Fruit Tree Registry, you will be helping to move good food...

  • into the hands of families in need​ 

  • away from bears & trash cans

Listing your tree is safe and private! Harvests are determined by property owners. Addresses are never made public and harvesters must connect with you to ask permission to harvest your tree. Each harvester signs a liability waiver protecting you and your property, and agrees to follow guidelines keeping the process low-risk, clean, and secure!

List Your Fruit Tree!

Share the fruit, share the love! List your tree so that your neighbors know you have extra! They'll reach out to see if they can harvest some.

Harvest Opportunities

DIY Gleaning

Get together with a small group to harvest fruit for yourself and your community!


Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find a tree to harvest, follow safety protocol, rent harvesting equipment, and get that fruit!

Be a force for good by picking for more than just you - GFC accepts fruit donations to distribute to our network of regional food banks and pantries!

Community Gleans

Join us  for our weekly gleaning events organized around building community, feeding people, and reducing food waste!

Shoot us message to set up a harvest for your business or group! 

Tree owners and volunteers keep what they want, and the rest is donated to pig farmers, cideries, and/or food banks across the region!

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Our gleaning program is offered during the harvest season (June-October). If you would like to harvest fruit, please check back during the summer months for a list of fruit trees near you!! OR, rent a harvest kit to glean on your own!

COVID-19 Concerns

Curious about how to remain socially distant while gleaning? read about our COVID-19 Protocol so you and your Glean Team can harvest safely!

Gleaning Guide

How you harvest makes a major impact on your fruit's quality! Know the right techniques and exactly what equiptment you need to harvest like a PRO by reviewing the guide.

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