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Food Security Program Director

This dynamic role spans the breadth of our regional food security efforts with varying responsibilities ranging from developing systems-level food security strategies, supporting regional food assistance providers, to overseeing direct service programming/operations like our Farms to Food Access purchasing program. Our ideal candidate is a global thinker whose strengths include systems thinking and ideation, flexibility in dynamic and emergent environments, and excellent execution and follow through. 


The GFC is currently looking for one outgoing, part-time staff member (20 hours/week) to coordinate our La Plata County Gleaning program from early August through the end of October. Primary responsibilities include recruiting La Plata County backyard fruit tree owners and farmers to sign up for our gleaning database, partnering with CPW and the Bear Working Group to develop a system to align gleaning efforts with bear-human conflict mitigation efforts, recruiting community-based gleaning crews, coordinating and managing harvest events, maintaining equipment and supporting processing and distribution. Work schedules are flexible and can accommodate other commitments.

La Plata Gleaning Coordinator

Gage GleaningGage

Here at the GFC, we believe that a healthy regional food system creates economic opportunities for rural areas, stewards our environment, creates jobs, ensures that EVERYONE in our community has access to nutritious, dignified food, and builds the backbone of a vibrant community. Join our team to become directly involved in the making of this vision.