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LatinX Childcare & Early Childhood Education Needs AssessmenT

The intent of this RFA is to seek a contractor to develop and execute a Community Needs Assessment of our Latinx community as it pertains to childcare and early childhood education. As the contractor, you will work in conjunction with our on-site Project Manager, the Latinx Childcare Taskforce that they have worked to form, and our Voces de Comunidad parent advocates to ensure that the scope of your work and assessment design meets the needs of and has the trust of the community and stakeholders it will ultimately serve.  

La Plata County Latinx Early Childhood Project Manager

The primary goal of this position is to address one of the key barriers to food security expressed by members of our community experiencing food insecurity -- an acute lack of childcare for children 0-4 which prevents parents from being able to work. During this six month contract, this position will work hand in hand with both our Voces de Comunidad workgroup, players in our local childcare sector, and expert contractors to 1) understand the specific needs and barriers experienced by the LatinX and immigrant community as they pertain to childcare, 2) convene a multi stakeholder, multicultural task force to co-develop a strategic plan identifying systems-level solutions to said challenges, and 3) oversee the disbursement of funds to support training and education opportunities that might address related capacity gaps and opportunities

Voces harvest with kids
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language justice project coordinator

Language justice is a critical component of health equity and food security. Imagine navigating a system (like healthcare, education, food assistance, and more) where no one speaks your language and there are no translated materials available to you. This is often the reality for our BIPOC/LatinX Community members, and it makes accessing necessary support much more difficult. The Language Justice Workgroup recognizes the need for more inclusive practices and policies and aims to build out a more equitable and inclusive La Plata County so that all individuals can access important resources and services in the language of their heart.


The Language Justice Project Coordinator will work to advance the La Plata County Food Equity Coalition's Language Justice Workgroup's mission by assisting organizations and institutes with adopting language justice measures and helping to build out a strong, diverse pool of interpreters and translators to support these efforts.

Here at the GFC, we believe that a healthy regional food system creates economic opportunities for rural areas, stewards our environment, creates jobs, ensures that EVERYONE in our community has access to nutritious, dignified food, and builds the backbone of a vibrant community. Join our team to become directly involved in the making of this vision. 

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