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Farms to Food access local food purchasing 

The What 

This program simultaneously supports both small-scale food producers and food assistance entities! Farmers are paid at wholesale value, and food banks across Southwest Colorado receive much needed healthy, local produce free of charge. 


The Why

During the past few especially difficult years, it became very apparent that the GFC could and should offer logistical and funding assistance regarding local food purchasing. Many food assistance providers express the desire to buy local, but many do not have the capacity to do so. Simultaneously, local farmers and ranchers expressed the need for consistent, consolidated, larger accounts, rather than multiple, erratic, smaller orders from several different organizations. What a wonderful way to bridge the gap between growers and eaters, while supporting local entities during this health crisis!

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The Who

In collaboration with Southwest Community Foundation and La Plata County Department of Human Services, the GFC has implemented a Farms to Food Access Local Purchasing program! The GFC collaborates with a strong network of regional food assistance providers and local farmers and ranchers to make the program a success!

Interested in getting purchasing support?

If you are a food bank or pantry interested in local purchasing support or a local producer interested in selling product to us, please contact Lauren at or call us at (970) 403-5347

Want to find local food and producers? We've got what you're looking for!

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