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Gleaning is the art of harvesting otherwise unused fruits and veggies from local backyards and farms in order to connect them with bellies that need and want them!

Harvest season 2023 is over,  

Join us back here in spring of 2024!


Glean with the Good food collective


Reduce food waste, save bears, feed community

Fruit trees, galore! Our region is full of them, and often times these trees produce way more fruit than a tree-owner can handle. The Good Food Collective coordinates ways our community can share the bounty!

Where does gleaned

fruit go?

Gleaning Distribution (1).png
Gleaning Process.png

Here's how it works

List Your Fruit Tree!

Share the fruit, share the love! List your tree so that your neighbors know you have extra! They'll reach out to see if they can harvest some.

Harvest Opportunities

DIY Gleaning

Use our Do-It-Yourself Gleaning resources to get together with a small group to harvest fruit for yourself and your community!


First, use our Fruit Tree Registry to find available fruit; then, check out our Harvest How-To Guides; next, rent harvest equipment with our Harvest Kit Rental Program; and finally...go get that fruit!

Community Gleans
Keep your eyes open for gleaning events organized around building community, feeding people, and reducing food waste!

Tree owners and volunteers keep what they want, and the rest is donated to pig farmers, cideries, and/or food banks across the region!

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Custom Group Gleans


 Schedule a Custom Group Glean, facilitated by GFC staff, with your co-workers, community organization, group of friends, etc. Snack on yummy fruit, learn about your local food system, and socialize outdoors with pals!

Contact us at to schedule your group glean!  

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