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Get to know our small, but mighty GFC family

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Lisa brings years of diverse and relevant professional experience and deep-rooted passion for this work. She is a creative, driven

and collaborative leader who is also comfortable making space

and following, not just taking space. In her role as Director of Faith Formation at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, she wrote curriculum using food as a form of spiritual practice and a window into cultures and traditions. She’s excited about the potential for change in the food equity and food security realm. She has

training in multicultural education, inclusion and compassionate conflict resolution. Lisa is willing to educate herself and listen to

the voices and ideas of others. She loves to laugh and be silly.

Self-care looks like time with her kids, being in water, listening to baseball on the radio and watching Formula 1 with her son. As a chef, feeding people is one of her love languages. The Italian
grandma in her is strong. Lisa values relationships and has a desire to make the world a better place.

Lisa McCory - Food Security Program director

Robert Bogatin - Fruit for Good Social Enterprise Director

Robert joined the Good Food Collective staff in November 2021 to lead the planning and development of social enterprises under our Fruit for Good program. Over the last year Robert has worked with our hospitality industry and several local business organizations as Director of the statewide alliance Resilient Restaurants. Robert is a small business entrepreneur who is committed to developing sustainable and equitable food systems. His experience includes operating a pizzeria / sandwich shop and a large full-service restaurant and bar, training an award-winning organic food product sales team, and achieving state and global recognition for his previous manufacturing company's sustainability management and reporting system. 


Tomas German-Palacios - Healthy Schools Meals for All Campaign manager & LPFEC Special Projects Coordinator

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Tomas has always had a love of food and helping others. He is a Certified HeartMath® Trainer and  Health Coach creating a foundation of skills and techniques based on over 25 years of scientific evidence-based research to increase performance and resilience. Tomas is currently undergoing certification in the Functional Medicine approach to Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Psychology with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. He is also a Board Member with Manna Soup Kitchen. Tomas is on a lifelong mission to improve the health and well-being of the Planet and all of its inhabitants. Being part of the La Plata Food Equity Coalition is a clear path to doing that right here at home! 

A recent New Jersey transplant and University of Vermont Alum, Caroline is thrilled to finally be able to apply her passions of food systems, sustainable community development and social justice to an organization that weaves it all together! She is eager to explore the power of collective action alongside such a vibrant, resilient community and form a deeper understanding of Southwestern Colorado's local food systems. Caroline has always been mission-driven, and is excited to develop her professional life accordingly! 


Caroline Hoge - Food Security, Communications, and Engagement Americorps Vista

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Carolina Ovalle-Diaz - Co-facilitator, LPFEC Voces de Comunidad

Life has taught me that we must work to build equitable societies, one day I had abundant food on the table and in the evening I did not have a single bread for dinner, that moral has marked my life because you do not know what circumstances the future holds for you. Equitable systems help all communities, especially those that are disadvantaged, have opportunities for growth and well-being.
The Food Equity Coalition has allowed me to work on this life mission, to think and act to eliminate so many inequities and injustices. I know we have a long way to go but I am sure that we are helping the change that is needed in something.


Darcy Diaz - Co-Facilitator, LPFEC Voces de Comunidad Workgroup

I am a person that life has taught me to share, with a thought that we are all equal and we all have the right to have housing, work and decent food.

When my daughter was born I made the decision to change my eating habits for healthier ones, but I found the difficulty of not knowing where to go and what is healthy food, I love the idea of learning more about our nutrition and help the community to have a healthier food on their table. I love to serve those in need, I love to talk and laugh out loud.

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Erin Jolley - Facilitator, LPFEC Food Access Workgroup


Erin has worked with non-profits starting as a college student in Environmental Studies.  Pursuing causes she believes in has landed her in various roles in cooking and nutrition education, hunger relief, organic farming and affectionately known as the "food lady".  With a knack for community building and a strong passion for food equity, Erin is honored to be working with La Plata County Food System & Health Equity Coalition as Food Access Facilitator. 

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Expanded capacity through americorps

AmeriCorps has played a critical role in expanding our reach throughout the past 3 years. The GFC is supported by both AmeriCorps VISTA members who focus on capacity-building, and an AmeriCorps NCCC team for valuable harvest support. 

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Rachel's belief in the power of food systems to act as a near 'cure all' for many of our social and environmental challenges started in 2001 on a homestead in upstate New York. On the shores of Lake Masseweepie, food was a source of purpose, community, joy, identity, and stewardship.


Now off the homestead, she has sought out opportunities that weave together community-building, sustainability, and food systems. The Good Food Collective is a near-perfect union of all three. Rachel hopes to find ways for the GFC to address root causes of inequity and poverty, as well as, mitigate climate change and build local resilience.

Rachel Landis - Director & LPFEC Project Weaver


Give the gift of good food to your neighbors. Your donation will help us to continue to reduce food insecurity rates in this region. 

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