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Our Team

Get to know our small, but mighty GFC family

Rachel Harvest Festival headshot.jpg

Rachel's belief in the power of food systems to act as a near 'cure all' for many of our social and environmental challenges started in 2001 on a homestead in upstate New York. On the shores of Lake Masseweepie, food was a source of purpose, community, joy, identity, and stewardship.


Now off the homestead, she has sought out opportunities that weave together community-building, sustainability, and food systems. The Good Food Collective is a near-perfect union of all three. Rachel hopes to find ways for the GFC to address root causes of inequity and poverty, as well as, mitigate climate change and build local resilience.

     Rachel can be reached at

Rachel Landis - Director & LPFEC Project Weaver


Lauren's passion for food, community, and mountain adventures landed her in Durango after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems.


Her previous work in food spans the nonprofit, agriculture, education, and service industries. Paired with a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Lauren is excited to leverage her experience working at the intersection of value chain coordination and equitable food system design to strengthen regional food sheds. She is a firm believer that through food we can build a better future for people and the planet.

Lauren can be reached at

Lauren ames - Food security director

Tomas German-Palacios - Healthy Schools Meals for All Campaign manager & LPFEC Special Projects Coordinator

Tomas German-Palacios Headshot_edited.jpg

Tomas has always had a love of food and helping others. He is a Certified HeartMath® Trainer and  Health Coach creating a foundation of skills and techniques based on over 25 years of scientific evidence-based research to increase performance and resilience. Tomas is currently undergoing certification in the Functional Medicine approach to Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Psychology with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. He is also a Board Member with Manna Soup Kitchen. Tomas is on a lifelong mission to improve the health and well-being of the Planet and all of its inhabitants. Being part of the La Plata Food Equity Coalition is a clear path to doing that right here at home! 

       Tomas can be reached at


Kate is a plant person, clinical herbalist, writer, and Mom.  She started a non-profit that offered free herbal medicine clinics to underserved people for 5 years. In previous lives she's been a farmer of produce, meat, and dairy, and she's looking forward to helping the GFC and LPFEC improve our local food system.

Kate can be reached at

kate husted - communications, administrative, and project associate

z pro headshot.jpeg

Beatriz Garcia- Community empowerment coordinator

Beatriz annual report.png

Beatriz is a passionate activist, who cares deeply about social justice, equity, and the immigrant community. She was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Beatriz has been exposed to social problems including Nicaragua´s insurrection in 2018, homelessness, hunger, inadequate access to housing and education, and food insecurity. Through these experiences, she has come to realize that the solution to our biggest social barriers begin at home with local activism. 

She serves in the Executive Board for ACLU Colorado and is part of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging group for the local School District, and she partners with the Durango 9-R Board of Education as a Thought Leader Committee.

Beatriz can be reached at

Erin Jolley - Facilitator, LPFEC Food Access Workgroup


Erin has worked with non-profits starting as a college student in Environmental Studies.  Pursuing causes she believes in has landed her in various roles in cooking and nutrition education, hunger relief, organic farming and affectionately known as the "food lady".  With a knack for community building and a strong passion for food equity, Erin is honored to be working with La Plata County Food System & Health Equity Coalition as Food Access Facilitator.  

Erin can be reached at

Olivia De Pablo-Lopez- Language Justice Coordinator

olivia pic  (2).jpeg

Olivia De Pablo-Lopez is an Immigrant and an activist from Morelos, Mexico who moved to Durango, Colorado in 1993. She believes in the power of community mobilization to dismantle systematic oppression, spark curiosity, and create change! Most of her work has been in the areas of Immigrant’s and Women’s Rights. She is a National Awarded winner from ARTE SANA -a national organization dedicated towards the eradication of violence against women- She sits in various committees such as: La Plata Leadership Diversity, Mujeres sin miedo and Voces.  She is also a former member of the Community Relation’s Commission through the City of Durango. Her passion is to help build healthier communities by promoting social change, diversity, Inclusion, and cultural Competency. She is an avid life learner, a very complex being in search of simplicity.  She enjoys living in Durango, local colors, arts, traveling, independent cinema, outdoors, music, dancing, spending time with family and her dog Max. 

Olivia can be reached at

Tiffany Chacon- Early Childhood project manager

5A7748C6-E7F3-40EC-A687-F6AA0D4D499A_1_201_a (1).heic

Tiffany Chacon is an Early Childhood Champion whose purpose is to shake up the Early Childhood and Family-centered domains to provide the opportunity for success to all. Utilizing her love for human nature and community connection, lives will be changed. She hopes that the work she has a hand in will not end with her, but be transferred to each individual and organization she engages with.

Tiffany can be reached at

Olivia Trim (OT) - Fruit For Good apple chip production manager

IMG_0556 (2).jpeg

OT has held a lot of jobs in her tenure at the Good Food Collective, (Gleaning Coordinator, Local Food Purchasing Coordinator, Apple Chip Maker) and each one holds a special place in her heart. Her favorite part about working for the GFC has always been the organization (and the staff's) ability to learn, pivot and take on challenges as it arises. It surely makes for an exciting workplace! Her work at the GFC has been transformative in a variety of ways and she will always be grateful for everything she has learned.

ashley pro.jpg

ashley Lancaster- rural community food navigator

Ashley is a mother of three awesome children. She lives on a 1,000 acre farm in Yellow Jacket, CO. She enjoys gardening, food preservation, beekeeping, photography, spending time outdoors and being with her family. 

Ashley can be reached at

trish hamilton- native & indigenous american community food navigator


I have called Durango my home for the last 13 years with my husband and three cats: Duncan, Charlie, and Lili. I started as a Gleaning Coordinator with the GFC and now I'm back as a Community Food Navigator. I love discussing all things food and I am thrilled to part of a team working to solve our food insecurity issues.   

Trish can be reached at

andrea masters de pablo- Latine Community Food Navigator

Andrea Headshot.jpg


Andrea es una migrante mexicana que tiene gran pasión por el estudio de las violencias sistémicas que vivimos quienes nos mudamos a otro país. Actualmente estudia una maestría en criminología, disfruta del tiempo con su gato Pablo y su familia; también baila y canta. Como objetivo profesional y personal, gusta de participar en actividades que impulsen la justicia social para nuestra comunidad migrante. 



Andrea is a Mexican migrant who has a great passion for studying the systemic violence that those of us who move to another country experience. She is currently studying a master's degree in criminology, she enjoys spending time with her cat Pablo and her family; she also dances and sings. As a professional and personal goal, she likes to participate in activities that promote social justice for our migrant community.

Andrea can be reached at

Tanner Besse - Roots of Health Distribution Staff

Tanner was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. He moved to Durango in 2020 to study environmental conservation and management with a regenerative food systems certification at Fort Lewis. As he heads into his last year of school, he has become emersed in the wicked problems that food systems are. Their love for the food systems was found when he did the Farmer-in-Training program at the Old Fort at Hesperus. With this new love for digging in the dirt, they have found themselves farming at Twin Buttes this season, and an ambition to own and run a farm (hopefully in the southwest). When he’s not thinking about food systems you can find him cooking, sewing, embordering, hiking, camping, sitting in the sun, thrifting, and hanging out with his cat Quinoa!


Jessie Paul - Gleaning Coordinator, & Roots of Health Distribution Staff


Originally from Oregon, Jessie is excited to be in the middle of food justice projects this summer with GFC and build upon the past few years of working in community agroforestry and leading experiential education projects abroad. A Whitman College and Bike & Build alum, she loves playing in and around water and diving into health equity. She believes that food is community and in the radiating power of connecting around a meal.

You can reach Jessie at


ANNE Poirot - Gleaning Coordinator


Anne is an enthusiastic environmentalist and former archaeologist. From Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Anne has been a part of communities in Norway, South Africa, Ghana, and Maui, Hawaii. From skiing to surfing to biking around rural villages, Anne is an anthropologist and linguist at heart who is very passionate about systems and how they affect accessibility of resources for the people! Excited to be a part of the team, Anne will be acting as one of the gleaning coordinators this season. Let’s go pick some fruit!

You can reach Anne at


Give the gift of good food to your neighbors. Your donation will help us to continue to reduce food insecurity rates in this region. 

Thank you!

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