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Here's how we Are working towards a just & Resilient regional food system...

Snow won’t stop these guys from growing!

Building an Equitable Food System

La Plata Food Equity Coalition is comprised of individuals, organizations, and agencies all committed to creating equity, sharing power, and building equal access to health...all through food.



Reduce food waste, save bears, and feed community by listing your fruit tree to be harvested, or joining in on a community harvest! 


Agricultural Support

We support local producers by providing much-needed labor in the form of a Mobile Farm Workforce, as well as facilitating market development!


Roots of Health

To ensure that healthcare workers have access to healthy, convenient, and affordable food, this Employee Foodshare program supplies hospital employees with weekly shares of fresh veggies from local farmers farmers. 


Farms to Food Access Project

Through this local food purchasing program, we bridge the gap between local farmers and food banks. Farmers are paid at wholesale value, and food banks receive the food free of charge!

apple chips.jpg

Fruit for Good

Support our gleaning program by purchasing a bag of locally-gleaned apple chips! For every bag sold, one is donated to a food bank/pantry!  


COVID Relief

Maintaining a healthy food system during this difficult time means supporting both growers and eaters in Southwest Colorado. Learn more about our efforts to convene unlikely partners & develop relationships across sectors!
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