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Fruit tree registry


Rent harvest equipment

Want to harvest fruit on your own or with a group of friends? We have the equipment you need! Use the Fruit Tree Registry above to find fruit trees, rent a kit from the GFC, and go get that fruit!! 

Keep what you want and donate the rest back to the GFC to be distributed to food banks and pantries across SW Coloroado.

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Harvest how-to!

How kind is it for your neighbors to offer up their fruit?! Here's how to get some of it!


LEARN: Check out our harvest tips and techniques below to make sure both you and the tree are safe during harvest!


ACT: Gather your harvest supplies and head out to pick! Need equipment? Rent some from us for a nominal fee. Details below.


PLAN: Search the registry for a tree - when you find one you want to harvest, contact the owner by their preferred method.


HARVEST: Safely pick what you can use and share! When you're done, clean up your mess and thank them again!


COORDINATE: Schedule a time that works for both of you. Be sure to thank your tree-owner!


REMEMBER: tree owners are inviting you into their space. You're a guest. Be respectful and kind throughout this process. :)

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Gleaning Guide

How you harvest makes a major impact on your fruit's quality! Know the right techniques and exactly what equiptment you need to harvest like a PRO by reviewing the guide.

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