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The Good Food Collective is working with partners to reinstate an intact regional food system because we believe that -- through food -- we can build a vibrant economy, steward our natural resources, and support the physical and cultural health of our community.

We Believe in the Power of Food Systems

Food impacts our lives far more than we may think! It's a pivotal piece of our economy, it's a critical part of our culture, and its inseparable from our mental and physical health. The healthier our food system is, the more good it can do for us -- as a community and as individuals. We're working to reinstate an intact regional food system to support all the benefits that come along with it. Climate improvements, employment opportunities, creative pursuits... a thriving food system can support all of this and more!

Our Three Main Jams

Regional Convening, Coordination, and Support

The Four Corners area is rich in individuals and groups committed to supporting a healthy local food system. The Good Food Collective wants to support and ensure the success of these individual efforts by taking a systems approach. We're working with stakeholders and change agents to build a shared vision for what an intact regional food system looks like, increase communication and coordination between change-makers, and leverage our resources to provide systems-wide support services and infrastructure.

Food Security and Health Equity

Our nation has a big food waste problem. The USDA estimates that 30 - 40% of the food supply never gets used! Crops rot in fields, wilted greens are tossed, and fruit trees drop unharvested snacks around here like it's nobody's business. At the same time, 1 in 4 children in our region are food insecure. We're working to save our food and serve our people -- and we get especially stoked having these goals overlap. 

Agricultural Support

Agricultural is part of who we are -- it is a part of our heritage and contemporary identity, it employs over 2300 regional residents, and it brings us joy in the form of healthy fruits and vegetables! Yet, our region’s farmers and ranchers face any number of challenges to their viability ranging from climate change to workforce challenges to poverty-level income. To ensure a healthy food system, we have to have sustainable agriculture. The Good Food Collective tackles projects that can support the success of our regional agricultural sector.

Our Projects


Mobile Farm Workforce provides living wage and skills-based employment to community members while filing critical labor gaps.


Farms to Food Banks connects grant funding with food banks, and in turn connects food banks to local producers.


Fruit Gleaning reduces thousands of pounds of food waste across our region by capturing excess backyard fruits, and redistributes them to food banks and pantries.


Community Produce Share done in Partnership with Manna and The Garden Project provides fresh local produce affordably and conveniently for residents struggling with access.


Regional Assessment and Planning Coalition convenes stakeholders across sectors to identify obstacles in our local food system, works to shift power, and support equitable systems change efforts.


Roots of Health provides locally grown CSA shares to health care workers.

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In the News

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